Portfolio Audit

portfolio auditAre you operating internationally and unsure if you are offering your customers the payment methods they prefer?

Or, do you have plans for international expansion?

BlackMoore can assist you with determining the best mix of Alternative Payment methods for your business.

In order to determine your optimal payments strategy we discuss your desired regional coverage and your business model to determine which payment methods would best suite your business.

To determine which provider would be the best match we also take your technical capabilities into consideration as well as your wishes regarding doing things in-house versus outsourcing them to specialized payment partners.

Based on this we will provide you with a proposal for improving or implementing your international payments portfolio and an integration plan to get this set up as efficiently as possible.

We can conduct this audit for you and charge a one-time fee, or if you allow us to place your payment solutions we will include this audit as part of the overall package free of charge.

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