Fraud & Chargebacks

Fraud & Chargebacks

Even though fraud is a fact of life when doing business online there is quite a lot you can do to minimize the damage it can do to your business. BlackMoore has assisted several online merchants in dealing with fraud – in setting up the proper business processes for merchants before they start, and also by assisting merchants who have already encountered fraud and chargeback issues and need assistance in getting this under control.

BlackMoore has many years of experience in dealing with fraud and can assist you with the two main areas we consider as crucial in protecting your business:

Fraud Scrubbing
To minimize fraudulent transactions coming in, there are various tools to identify potentially fraudulent transactions and block them the moment they come in. BlackMoore can assist you in determining which fraud controls will be most effective for your business and can consult you in setting them up in-house or, if preferred, by connecting you to a third party that takes care of this for you.

Transaction Monitoring
Even the best fraud scrubbing systems will not prevent fraudulent transactions from fully slipping through. We can assist you with setting up an efficient monitoring system that will allow you to indentify suspicious transactions and determining the best way to deal with them.

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