Consulting Services for Merchants

We consult for Online Merchants according to their online payment objectives, scope of the project in terms of technology development, and what our client is able to manage with in-house resources.

Generally speaking there are four legs to our services:

  • Payment Portfolio Audits – Aligning your payment portfolio with your international plans
  • Fraud Monitoring & Chargeback Management
  • Technology: Builds, Integrations & On-going Platform Management
  • BackOffice: Administration, including Accounting & Reconciliation


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Our consultants have worked in (General) Management positions at Payment Service Providers, Management Consulting and Finance & Operations Management lending a broad experience in all areas involved in online payments:

Aligning Software Development with Business Needs, Agile Software Development (SCRUM), (Multi Currency) Accounting & Reconciliation, Banking, Business Process Re-Design, Change Management, Compliance, Customer Operations, Management Coaching, Managing High-Risk Business, and Risk Management

Each client case is distinctive and requires a tailored set of our solutions.  We like complex projects – please let us know about your challenges!