Examples of Consulting Projects we have performed are:

International Payment Portfolio Audits
BlackMoore has proven to be a successful starting point for many merchants for their international expansion. We have helped our clients enter various regions in the world including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. In many cases BlackMoore has been able to provide these services free of charge since we delivered the required payment methods. Contact us today and we will gladly let you know what we can do for you to prepare you for expanding your business globally!

IPSP Conversions
BlackMoore specializes in assisting online businesses to step away from full-service and expensive IPSPs (aggregators) and setting-up their own merchant account processing. Free-of-charge (if the merchant account is obtained via BlackMoore), we will advise you on how to set-up your processing environment, fraud scrubbing, transaction monitoring and required features such as one-click billing.

Fraud Management
BlackMoore has worked closely with several clients that were facing fraud issues. With a very hands-on approach we have managed to work with our clients to get their fraud levels and chargebacks under control.

Mobile PSP Startup
Currently BlackMoore is in the process of setting up a Mobile Payment Service Provider from start to finish for one of our clients. Not only are we setting up the organizational structure but we are also working closely with an offshore development team that works according to the principles of SCRUM Agile Software Development to build the entire processing platform and the customer management system.

Interim Change Management for a large consumer bank.
Within the Online Banking Department of a consumer bank listed in the top 25 globally, BlackMoore performed the overall Project Management for a SCRUM (Agile Software Development) team consisting of an IT Project Manager, Product Owner (Business Analyst), SCRUM Master and Software Developers. BlackMoore successfully guided this team, that was responsible for developing the online banking system of both consumer and corporate clients, through the transition from working on one project to dealing with multiple projects & RFC’s, dependencies and stakeholders.

Business Development and Market Entry
Currently BlackMoore is assisting several Payment Service Providers in entering various High Risk business verticals. Because we know these markets well we are able to assist these companies in finding the right balance between revenue and risk in order to allow them to one the one hand enjoy the higher potential margins in these businesses and on the other protect their products and business from the potential dangers along the way.